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Who am I?

My tech talk at the ReactJS developer meetup in New York

My name is Nawaz Khan. I’m the author of “AI Shortcut.” I’m a seasoned Full-stack Engineer with a Master’s in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Dallas. I’ve built and modernized web apps for e-commerce companies like StubHub, eBay, and Everlane. I’ve given several tech talks at meetups, and I enjoy articulating complex subjects in simple words, writing, and talking about them.

What is AI Shortcut, and why should you subscribe?

I felt like there was too much noise and FOMO in the AI world, saturating the news and social media.

As I play with AI, I wanted to share my research and fun findings in my newsletter in digestible formats(memes, summaries, gifs, stories, predictions, and think pieces). Subscribe to my newsletter to learn about AI and follow my journey. I’d be grateful if you could tell us more about yourself here.

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